2016 Finalist
Location: Hunt Valley, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Media, printing, manufacturing, and photography
GreekYearbook, Artsy Couture, and Nations Photo Lab
Harvis Kramer, COO

Committing to wellness: Nations Photo Lab, Artsy Couture, and GreekYearbook all operate under the umbrella of Millman Multimedia. The company started its wellness program when it realized the importance of promoting a healthy lifestyle for its young team members. They often take on long, hard work hours, and COO Harvis Kramer says this type of environment can hinder an employee’s ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. The company’s wellness program was designed to ensure that all employees are at their peak both on and off the job.

FUN FACT: Employees are helped in their goal to quit smoking through a smoking-cessation program.

Special perks: The wellness program at Nations Photo Lab, Artsy Couture, and GreekYearbook offers many initiatives for employees, such as discounted gym memberships, walking incentives during breaks and lunch, and dietary assistance tutoring. Additionally, the company stocks its vending machines with healthy options and offers outside seminars on better health.

Solid results: Kramer says the wellness program has led to lower healthcare and disability costs, reduced absenteeism and improved employee morale. But, equally important, the company’s wellness program has helped employees cultivate better self-esteem, improved coping skills and higher job satisfaction.