2016 Winner
Location: Hunt Valley, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Media, printing, manufacturing, and photography
GreekYearbook, Artsy Couture, and Nations Photo Lab
Harvis Kramer, COO

“We pride ourselves on providing one of the best cultures in Baltimore. Many people have called us the Google of Baltimore,” says Harvis Kramer. The culture at Nations Photo Lab, Artsy Couture, GreekYearbook, and Pounds Lab is based around the five “Kramer E’s”: everyone, engaging, entrepreneurial, educational and entertaining. Employees enjoy fun events like pie-eating contests with the executives, massage day, DJ day, visits from ice cream trucks and educational seminars. During an annual health month, employees participate in yoga classes, group workouts and stress management courses.

“Baltimore’s manufacturing and creative industry is growing, so it has become harder to find talent. We have had to rely on our unique culture to ensure we retain talent once we find them.”