2015 Finalist
Location: Hunt Valley, MD
Founded: 2011
Industry: Media, printing, manufacturing, and photography
GreekYearbook, Artsy Couture, and Nations Photo Lab
Harvis Kramer, COO

When you have four brands under one roof, you have a lot of employees to think about. In the spirit of encouraging teamwork and healthy living, founder, CEO and COO Harvis Kramer implemented a wellness program. He offers memberships to the Maryland Athletic Club, where employees can receive one-on-one support from trainers and other experts. A punch card allows employees to keep track of their gym habits, and ultimately leads to prizes for participation. Executives often walk around the office with a healthy snack cart.

FUN FACT: To promote the annual dodgeball game, posters are created based on the movie “Dodgeball,” with the executives’ faces superimposed over the stars’ faces.

The program was first implemented for what Kramer describes as “selfish reasons.” He wanted a bit of extra motivation to help him get in shape for the summer, and realized that the office space was the perfect place to build up a team that could support each other.

One of the company’s most unique offerings is an annual “Dodgeball vs. the Executives” game. Each department forms a team and competes for prizes. It’s a healthy activity and, as Kramer says, “Who doesn’t want to throw a dodgeball at their boss and get rewarded for it?”